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Search State Pensions with Annual Benefits of $100,000 or More:

Annual retirement benefits provided by the Department of Management Services* (Microsoft Excel Document 156.98 KB)

The information on each member includes:

  • The name of the agency from which the member retired.
  • The effective date of retirement.
  • Total years of service credit.
  • The initial annualized retirement benefit is the benefit received when the person retired.
  • The current annualized retirement benefit is the benefit the retiree currently receives, as of June 30, 2017.

*The name of the retiree is not included. The names and addresses of retirees, in list form, are confidential and exempt from the provisions of s. 119.07(1), F.S. This exemption is found in s. 121.031(5), F.S.


Pension Reform Study

March 11, 2011, letter from Milliman to the Florida Division of Retirement and actuarial study results. (Adobe PDF Document 478.40 KB)

Title: Study Reflecting the Impact to the Florida Retirement System of Changing the Investment Return Assumption to One of the Following: 7.5%, 7.0%, 6.0%, 5.0%, 4.0% or 3%