Department of Management Services

Regulation & Rulemaking

The Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform (OFARR) was created by the Executive Order No. 11-01 (Adobe PDF Document 423.64 KB), superseded by Executive Order 11-72 (Adobe PDF Document 214.86 KB), and then again by Executive Order 11-211 (Adobe PDF Document 265.86 KB). OFARR uses measurable goals for regulatory reduction while providing a consistent process to review rules. In particular, OFARR reviews proposed and existing rules to ensure they do not:

  • Unnecessarily restrict entry into a profession or occupation;
  • Adversely affects job creation or job retention;
  • Place unreasonable restrictions on individuals attempting to find employment;
  • Impose unjustified costs on business;
  • Impose unjustified overall cost or economic impact to consumers; or
  • Contravene statutory rulemaking directives.

Proposed Rules and Regulations

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