Department of Management Services

Regulation & Rulemaking

Immediately after being sworn in as Florida's 45th Governor, Governor Rick Scott established the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform (OFARR). The Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform was created by the Executive Order No. 11-01 (Adobe PDF Document 423.64 KB), superseded by Executive Order 11-72 (Adobe PDF Document 214.86 KB), and then again by Executive Order 11-211 (Adobe PDF Document 265.86 KB). OFARR uses measurable goals for regulatory reduction while providing a consistent process to review rules. In particular, OFARR reviews proposed and existing rules to ensure they do not:

  • Unnecessarily restrict entry into a profession or occupation;
  • Adversely affects job creation or job retention;
  • Place unreasonable restrictions on individuals attempting to find employment;
  • Impose unjustified costs on business;
  • Impose unjustified overall cost or economic impact to consumers; or
  • Contravene statutory rulemaking directives.

Proposed Rules and Regulations

What is the status of Governor Scott's review of all rules proposed for promulgation? 

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